After Action Reports Little Soldiers

Battle Reports: Early Campaign

103rd Regimental Battlegroup

Defense of the Village Krannon

Early Spring

Previously, 1-103 Infantry repelled an initial assault by the Technoid invasion force. Charlie Company was tasked to defend 1N3 Quadrant which contained a civilian oil refinery. They reported that the Technoids took an estimated 65% casualties, while friendly casualties were less than 20%.

Mid Spring

Map of the Battle

After a brief pause in the attacks from the invasion force, the Technoids resumed their attacks and appeared to have re-calibrated their lasers for a better anti-armor punch.

Bravo Company engaged a tentative Technoid advance in a rocky mountain valley. They had a mechanized PA platoon, an anti-armor platoon, a fast attack/scout platoon, a heavy assault platoon, and were supported by an ADS vehicle and an aerospace fighter. The Technoid forces consisted of light walkers, supported by an anti-armor platoon and a medium assault walker platoon.

The mechanized platoon started south of the village in the center of the valley and moved quickly to the north-west to take cover in the fortifications that were in the village. The fast attack platoon moved south to screen the mechanized platoon. Two Technoids platoons were moving down from the north and attacked with guided missiles and Lasers. The PA infantry bailed out of their transports as the missiles hit, damaging two scout vehicles and one IFV. The PA moved into the fortifications while the IFVs moved behind them toward cover.

A platoon of assault walkers appeared behind a hill to the north-west and attacked, knocking out two more of the IFVs - the last being destroyed shortly after by the anti-armor walkers.

By this time the fast attack platoon had taken cover behind some woods and was trading fire with a light walker platoon. They were also busy radioing for an air-strike and finally managed to get through. The fighter made two passes and knocked out the light walker platoon that was attack the scouts and knocked out the anti-armor walkers ("Those light walkers were popping like corn in hot oil" - fighter jock).

As more Technoid units were spotted approaching, the Delbac heavy assault platoon drove toward the town from the western road. They were immediately destroyed by the Technoid medium assault walkers who were dug in on the other side of town.

The fighter was called back to attack the medium assault walkers, but it was on its last load of ordnance and only managed to damage one of its targets.

As the PA in the village began to come under attack by a fresh light walker platoon, the company commander gave the order to pull back. The company had suffered over 60% casualties, though only about 30% were actually KIA, so they were able to recover at least half of the vehicle crews. The Technoids were estimated to have taken over 35% casualties. All in all it was a bloody battle.

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