After Action Reports Little Soldiers

Battle Report: Taking the Son Bridge

We played this on a smaller table than I had envisioned, so I used the map as a general guide for the layout. The key features were all there, but it might have helped the Americans to have more room to maneuver.

The rules on when the bridge could be blown up were adjusted, requiring the German player to make two 4+ rolls at the end of his initiative to complete the explosives and a final roll to actually blow up the bridge. Each time the roll was successful we marked one end of the bridge and ruled that if the Americans could take that end of the bridge they could remove the marker and set the clock back by 15 minutes. The actual "engineers" placing the explosives were not represented in the game.



The Germans deployed hidden in the town and surrounding woods. The Americans deployed in the fields and buildings on the north end of the board.

The Game

I played the Americans and decided to avoid recon-by-fire after the first failed roll and began advancing my platoons. They were soon ambushed by Germans in the wood on the west side the road and the advance stalled. The Germans continued to fire, pinning some another squad and the clock ticked once.

The next attack advanced on the east side of the road and was fired on by another platoon hidden on the edge of town. This time the Americans were only pinned, but the western attack took priority again.

The third platoon decided to rush past the Flak pit, without any sort of support, and was immediately suppressed. The Flak gun continued to fire and nearly wiped out the rest of the platoon. Eventually they had to reload and the clock ticked forward again.

Furthest Advance
Capturing the north end

At this point the attack on the east side of the road got going again and part of the platoon flanked the Germans and bypassed them on the way to the bridge. A HMG team appeared on the opposite bank, but didn't manage to do anything to stop the advance. The soldiers charged out of cover and despite being pinned by 88mm fire, made it on to one end of the bridge. Reinforcements failed to follow up and the initiative switched again.

Cannon Fire
Suppressed by the 88mm Flak

Now the men on the bridge came under fire from the Flak gun on the opposite bank and without cover, were quickly wiped out. The clocked ticked on and the engineers reset the explosives.

Eastern Push
Final push fails

A final push was made up the center but when a smoke mission failed to arrive it floundered too. The Americans and Germans traded fire for a few more minutes until BOOM, the bridge disappeared in a cloud of smoke and debris.

Bridge Gone
Bridge gone

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