After Action Reports Little Soldiers

Zulu War

The Cape Fear Historical Gaming Society had a meeting in August and one of the members put on a Zulu war scenario using The Sword and The Flame. I took part in it as the leader of two Zulu groups (units). I was not able to finish the game, but my Zulus performed well, they both helped destroy one British unit before one fled off board. The second was maneuvering for a second charge by the time I had to leave.

Following are some of the pictures I took during the game.

The Zulu's deployed hidden on any of the terrain features on the board. The wagon train deployed on one side of the table with the intent to head down the center. It wasn't long before the Zulu's broke cover and charged down into the valley.

Zulu Warriors charge out of the hills

On the other side of the board was the destination of the wagon train: a British fort. It had two additional platoons that would be able to come to the aid of the wagons. The commander was cautious though and sent a patrol to check the hills around the fort before sending reinforcements.

A British patrol on the southern hills

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