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SRM Carrier

I wanted to experiment with vehicles in BattleTech but was not ready to commit to the expense of purchasing metal models. I roughed out a hull using foamcore and layered card. The SRM launcher was designed in Inkscape and printed out on cardstock.

SRM Carrier Construction
Foamcore and Cardboard Hull
SRM Carrier Construction
Cardstock overlay detail
SRM Carrier Construction
SRM Turret
SRM Carrier Construction
Assembled SRM Carriers

The paint scheme was kept simple. I started with a base coat of black spraypaint (I used painters tape to cover the printed SRM "tubes" on the front of the launcher) and then used forest green and highlighted the panels by drybrushing a lighter shade of green.

SRM Carriers
Custom SRM Carriers
SRM Carrier and Infantry
Size Comparison

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