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T-Trak Module: Family Farm


Materials Used

Planning for future expansion of my basic loop I had a need for a transition module that would connect to the T-Trak interchange module and then to another single-track module (probably switching to oNeTrak at that point). I found a scrap piece of 5mm Lauan plywood that could just hold the curve.

My daughters are interested in animals in general and like horses in particular, so I decided to make the module a farm and get them involved with building it.

The first step was to build a barn for the animals. I downloaded a free paper model and resized it to approximately N scale based on the height of the doors. Then my oldest and I cut it out and glued it together. I took some pieces of scrap corrugated cardboard and built an internal frame and glued that to the board so we could slip the barn over it after painting.

The track bed was marked out and I glued down a layer of 1/16 inch cork. This raises the level of the bed to the correct hight for the T-Trak standard. If I had used 1/4 inch plywood I wouldn't have had to do this.

Next came the fence. I shaved down square toothpicks until they were about the scale size of a 4x4 inch post. Then I glued them into holes drilled into the board.

I wanted to

The farm module was taking shape

Textured with Plaster
Basic Painting Finished
Fence Rails Added
Close-up of Gate
Adding Crops to the Field

Reference Links

Fiddler's Green Livestock Barn

Barn Plans website has dimensions for a horse barn

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