Model Railroads - T-Trak Little Soldiers

T-Trak Module: River Bridge

Construction Pictures

Bridge Overview
Bridge overview
Bridge Side View
Side view of the island
Bridge Supports
Constructing the pile bents
Bridge Supports in Place
Pile bents test fit
Tea Leaf Bushes
Dried Tea Bushes
Bridge with bushes
Test fitting the bushes
Bridge with bushes
Overhead view of the bushes
Bridge Overview
Bridge Sides During Painting
Bridge Overview
Bridge in Place
Bridge Overview
Testing with another module

Reference Links

Boat Wake Water Technique

Painting Backdrops

Bridge Advice on the MR magazine forum.

From AREMA comes Chapter 8 with bridge construction details.

CLNA 95 Carolina Coastal Railway crossing Pamlico River

CLNA 95 crossing a tributary of the Pamlico River.

Two pictures of a bridge over the French Broad river: first one shows the ballasted deck, and the second one is a side shot.

Another ballasted deck bridge.

16 ft Sailing Dinghy

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