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Crossfire 1:1

These house rules were originally written by damosan and published on Google Sites page. In case they are no longer available, I've mirrored them here.

Tweaks/Ideas on running CF on a 1:1 scale.

1:1 mods for Crossfire

In standard Crossfire (CF) each stand represents a squad of troops. In the 1:1 version each stand represents a single trooper. So instead of company, platoon, and squad we are now dealing with platoon, squad, and individual trooper.

Each stand represents one man.

Field of View is front 180 degree arc. A figure can only throw reactive fire at targets within line of site AND within the front 180 degree arc.

Terrain is set up like standard CF. In other words you want a lot of terrain. :)


LMGs operate in two modes. Emplaced LMGs use 4d for shooting. They function like HMGs per standard CF. LMGs which aren’t emplaced (i.e. being carried/fired from the hip/etc.) are treated like standard rifles. Emplaced LMGs require a gunner and assistant gunner to be within a single base of each other. Switching modes (becoming emplaced or breaking down) takes a full initiative. No firing is allowed on the init that the setup or breakdown occurs. The stand may still move that initiative.

Assault Rifles: Assault rifles operate like normal CF rifles (3d) with the exception that if a shooter fires at a target within the same terrain feature or the shooter is within one stand of the target's terrain feature the shooter will then get 4d.

Rifles: Semiautomatic and BA rifles operate like standard CF rifles.

SMGs: Operate like SMGs in CF.

Pistols: Pistols use 1d.

HMGs: These weapons are emplaced with loads of ammo, etc. HMGs may move or fire and have a 90 degree arc per standard CF. HMGs require a crew of two to be effective. An HMG team may no longer move if reduced to one man.

Mortars/Artillery work like they do in standard Crossfire with the following changes. All off board arty only arrives on a roll of 6 on a single d6. This goes for smoke and standard HE fire missions. Failure to call in arty does not surrender initiative. Use standard CF stand counts for arty but arty stands should be at least 3-4 times the width of a single infantry stand.

Grenades: Grenades use 3d. In our games (using 25mm figures) I use a small GW blast template -- any figure under or touching the template gets attacked with 3d. Each side should have 2d6 grenades.


To form a group a group leader is nominated and all figures within one stand of the group leader may perform the same action. Permissible actions are: group fire and group move.


Leaders operate much like they do in standard CF. The ratio of leaders to men is much lower than in standard CF. Leaders can be rated –2 to +2.

Leaders may form crossfires with members of their squad using standard CF. Leaders may "reach out" one terrain feature away when creating their groups. Non-leader figures may not do this.


Stands can be pinned like standard CF with the following changes. A pinned stand will stay in cover if pinned in cover or go to ground (ground hug) if in the open.


Stands can be suppressed like in standard CF with the following changes. A suppressed stand must do an immediate retreat move away from visible enemy. If the stand is suppressed in the open the retreat move becomes a standard move and may draw reaction fire. Two suppressions will kill a stand like in standard CF.

(Very) Optional Stuff

Heroic/Cinematic games are always fun to play. To enable Chuck Norris style gaming here are a few notes on how to do so.

Any model / stand marked by the Gods to be Heroic in nature gains the following benefits:

NOTE: This stuff is very optional. Having played several games using these notes I've noticed even a +1 Heroic type can impact the entire course of battle.

Using these notes I ran a friendly Vietnam game and gave the heavily outnumbered US Marines a +1 heroic figure.

The game went back and forth as men became pinned and suppressed on both sides. What started as a hail of lead being thrown back and forth settled down into random potshots as leaders on both sides tried to rally for one last push that would seal the deal.

The player running this single +1 heroic rifleman who was guarding the flank of an M-60 finally said "Enough of this!" and proceeded to work this rifleman up their right flank. Once there the tossing of grenade suppressed a nest of VC resulting in a yell of "CHARGE!" from the player controlling the marine.

After about 15 minutes of furious die rolling, movement, failed suppressive fire, etc. this single marine (along with a few others) managed to roll up the entire flank of the VC force accounting for no less than 10 dead VC.

The VC Agitator sensed crushing defeat and slinked back into the jungle taking the remains of his force with him...

Perhaps it was a batch of unlucky die rolls but perhaps it wasn't.

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