Scenarios Little Soldiers

Mini Scenario Raid

NOTE: mini-scenarios are based on the format of Chris Such's article in E40K Mag #1.


Objective: The attacker has broken through the lines, looking to destroy a specific critical installation. He must achieve his objective and withdraw before his raid force is destroyed.

Forces: 1000 points each.

Set-Up: As for Blitzkrieg. The Defender places two Bunker objectives anywhere on the table.

Special Rules: None.

Victory: If the attacker destroys the Bunkers and is able to withdraw his forces while maintaining a Morale value of greater than 0, he wins. If he destroys one Bunker and successfully retreats, the game is a draw. Any other result is a victory for the Defender.

Campaign Effect: A Defender victory means that the Attacker uses 250 less points in the next campaign game. An Attacker victory means that the Defender must field at least 50% o his forces as infantry (due to critical shortages) in the next campaign game. A draw has no effect.


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