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World War 2: France 1940, 3 Round Campaign


This campaign will be fought in 3 rounds in the same format used by Balagan. Most of the scenarios are based on Rommel's 7th Panzer Division's advance across the Muese and into France. The other scenarios come from Bob Mackenzie.

Campaign Tree


Round 1:

Round 2:

Victory in round 1 directly affects which scenario is played next. If the Germans win, the French will mount a desperate counter attack to try to buy time. Otherwise, if they stop the initial advance, they'll have time to prepare their defenses against the oncoming Germans.

Round 3:

This time the next scenario is determined on how the campaign has progressed. The most even battles will occur when both sides have won a single battle each. If either side has won twice, the last battle will find the looser in desperate straits. Still there is an opportunity for the looser to fight to a draw.

Historical Time-line

May 10, 1940, 0400 - German forces begin invasion of Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France. By the afternoon Fort Eban Emael in Belgium is neutralized.

May 12 - German Divisions reaching the Meuse river

May 13 - Rommel's 7th Panzer Division crosses the Meuse River at Dinant, Guderian's XIX Armored Corps crosses at Sedan.

May 14 - de Gaul's 4th Army counter-attacks German bridgeheads on the Meuse, but without effect.

May 15 - German panzers and French armor clash at Phillippeville.

May 16 - German forces destroy Corap's 9th Army.

May 17 - Panzers reach the Serre River and stop.

May 18 - German forces turn away from Paris, meanwhile Antwerp, St. Quentin, and Perrone on the Somme fall.

May 19 - French General Gamelin orders an attack on the southern flank of Guderian's corps.

May 20 - German forces reach Abbeville and eventually capture it.

May 21 - Lord Gort launches an attack on the Germans at Arras.

May 22 - A French attack near Arras is turned back.

May 23 - Calais, France, under siege.

May 25 - Boulogne captured. Lord Gort orders troops north in retreat.

May 26 - Calais captured.

May 27 - British 1st Armored Division launches an attack near Abbeville, but is driven back by heavy artillery. Evacuation at Dunkirk begins.

May 28 - French 4th Armored Division, with de Gaul, attacks Abbeville and fails.

June 2 - Last of BEF evacuated from Dunkirk.

June 3 - Germans move on Paris.

June 5 - Germans attack French army at the Somme. Remaining French at Dunkirk surrender.

June 8 - French retreat from the Somme region.

June 10 - French government leaves Paris for Tours.

June 11 - Reims captured.

June 14 - Germans enter Paris.

June 15 - Maginot Line is broken at Saarbrucken and Colmar.

June 17 - France requests an armistice with Germany.

June 22, 1940 - France formally surrenders to Germany.

(For more details see this time-line)

WWII - France: Battle of the Somme, June 1940 (Part I)

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