Races and Countries Little Soldiers

Delbac Provincial Army

Background and History

The citizens of the Delbac Province are among the first human colonists to land on Lagardan.


Vehicle Naming Conventions

All combat vehicles start with Mk-x to indicate the model type.

Mark Numbers for all combat vehicles:
01-19 are for Main Battle Tanks
20-29 are for APC's and IVFs
30-49 are for other armored combat vehicles (ACVs) including APCs
50-69 are for hovercraft

A stands for an ADS variant,
H stands for a heavy MBT (if necessary)
L stands for a LAD variant,
M stands for a GMS variant of a specific model,

VTOLs are designated by:
OH - Observation Helicopter
AH - Attack Helicopter
UH - Utility Helicopter

Numbers are not specified for VTOLs.

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