Races and Countries Little Soldiers


Order of Battle

There are three lists here which show the trail of development as I work to a finalized OrBat. The newest versions are at the top.

Technoid Task Force

Command Node

2 x Command Vehicles

2 x Fast Scouts (FO) - VTOL

3 x Attack Node

4 x Light Walkers

2 x Ranged Support Node

3 x Artillery Walkers

2 x Ammo Carriers

Engineer Node

2 x Engineer Vehicles

Technoid Reinforced Company

Notes: This organization is used when I don't have enough miniatures to form an entire Battalion. All the additional assets that are normally in the Battalion HQ Company are attached to the Company HQ. Works for me anyway.

Company HQ

1 x Command Walker, 1 x ADS Walker

AT Platoon

4 x Anti-Armor Walkers

Assault Platoon

3 x Assault Walkers

Attack Squadron

3 x HK VTOLs

3 x Armor Platoons

4 x Light Walkers

Technoid Armored Battalion

HQ Company

Command Platoon

AT Platoon

Assault Platoon

Air Assault Squadron

3 x Armor Companies

3 x Armor Platoons

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