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The Technoids

The Uissuirtoifr, or Technoids as they are known by Humans, first appeared in Human space in an invasion of the planet Lagardan. Further research has revealed that they have colonized an area of space 6 parsecs away from that planet. The location and name of their home world is unknown, but the planet Xoihepor is thought to be a major colony world and a staging point for their excursions into Human space.

Contact has been made with some of the less aggressive factions of the Technoid population, and that is where most of this information comes from.

The Uissuirtoifr have evolved into an almost completely cybernetic race. From an obscure reason in their distant past, all new Uissuirtoifr are artificially grown in sealed laboratories from carefully controlled genetic stock. Once the embryo has reached the end of the gestation period, the brain and neural stem are surgically removed from the body and carefully placed into a biopod which is sealed off from any outside contact. The biopod becomes the Technoids "body" for the rest of their long life. Given the ideal nutritional conditions and protection from any parasites provided by the sealed environment of the biopod, they tend to live for hundreds of years.

The first few years of a Technoid's life is spent attached to a teaching device. A strict regimen of data crystals are cycled through, teaching the needed skills to interact with the environment through the biopod's interfaces, as well as teaching the various basics in mathematics, science, language, history, and culture.

Youth is looked down upon in Technoid society and so any Technoid less than 50 cycles old are given the most menial tasks to do. Once a young Technoid reaches 30 cycles or so they are eligible for military duty. Those that pass the required exams are inserted into the command port of a light walker. These recruits are sent out as invasion forces to discover and claim new resources for the Technoid building machines. Only those Technoid "youngster" who manages

There are a number of small factions of renegades among the Technoids who prefer to live natural lives in their natural bodies. A natural Uissuirtoifr has a multi-segmented body with a pair of appendages for each segment. Adults usually have between 6 and 10 body segments. These factions have been marginalized and mostly ignored by the mainstream of society. In addition the "naturals" are generally considered foolish since the normal life-span of a Uissuirtoifr is usually only a little more than 50 human years. Still there are some parts of society who look with nostalgia on the apparent romance of that lifestyle.

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