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Card Models

While working on my Ruined City project I started looking for fast ways to create buildings at 1/285 scale. Eventually my search led me to card buildings. At this scale you don't have too much worry about the card being so thin, plus with an enclosed building it doesn't matter much. After looking through the card building FAQ (www.cardfaq.org) I found a program called CadStd. This program is great! It allows you to design your buildings at actual scale and then resize them to what ever scale you want! So for example you start out with a square building that is 50 feet on one side and 35 feet deep and 12 feet tall. You can draw the floor 50' x 35' and then tell the program that 1 foot on paper equals 285 real feet an it will print out with exact scale dimensions!

So I've uploaded all the designs I've come up with so far for you to use.


This is the program you need to load and print the following files as well as design your own.

Small Houses

Three copies of the same small house that can be used in a residential area.

Gas Station

A gas station with a repair shop as well.

Two Story Building

A simple two story building that could be found in a downtown area. The sample in the picture has been "enhanced" with some battle damage but has yet to be based or painted. You can see the finished results in the Ruined City project under the Terrain section.

Warehouse, Small Outlet Store, and Construction Shop

Three buildings that print out on one sheet of paper. I used these to make my second street section.

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