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Dungeon Project - Canal with Bridge

Materials Used

This was one of my first tile (maybe the second one I did. I was inspired by the chasm tile in the Dungeonation set that had a ruined bridge over a river of lava. So I made a worn down bridge out of craft sticks (actually from corn dogs), and after it was done, decided it didn't really fit over a lava flow (wouldn't it burn?) so I switched to water.

Canal with Bridge
Canal with a Bridge

After I finished the first room, I decided it would look strange to have the water end at the wall, so I made a second room with the canal ending in the middle. Put together it looks more logical, and works well when the bridge room is along one edge of the board.

Two-Room Canal

I plan on making a few more rooms to extend the canal, and make some portcullises to go between each room over the water edges.

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