Terrain Little Soldiers

Dungeon Project: Caverns

Materials Used

The idea to make some caverns (or just unfinished rooms) started when I wanted to do something different for the spider room, the tile in the original set was rather plain when converted to 3D, so I took inspiration from a Shelob's Lair project on the web and started making a cavern for the spiders.


Eventually I ended up with a couple of generic caverns and have yet to make either spider-specific. But they turn out nicely and I plan on doing a few more at least, that way I can have a part of the dungeon that is only caves.

Ruined and Unfinshed Rooms

Part of this section are rooms in various stages of construction or disrepair. The first one I've done is a room that is on the edge of a sink hole (or underground lake). I started with layers of thin cardboard that formed a slope to one edge of the room. Then I started adding floor tiles and broken ones around the edge of the hole. Some Spackling was used to cover up the corrugations and smooth the slope some.

Detail of the sink-hole

I'm undecided on whether I want to try some water effects in the "hole" mainly because of concerns with the thin cardboard warping. Other ideas are to add some extra rubble to make the room a little more three-dimentional.

Overhead view of the ruined room

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