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Dungeon Project: Two Chambers

Materials Used

This was a simple project inspired by the chambers tile in the Dungeonation set. It differs mainly in that I wanted to be able to enter the tile from all four sides. Like the original, I tried to make the two rooms different so they would stand out as seperate.

On the first side I decided to make it look lived in, with the suggestion of furniture along the walls. The is one of the first times I've had wall area to decorate so I wanted to take advantage of it. The "chests of drawers" were carved out of styrofoam and painted with acrylics to resemble wood. I scored the floor tiles with a simple cross pattern, and that was all it took to make it stand out from the plain tiles in the other room.

chamber tile
Two Rooms on One Square

The other room was left mostly unfinished to give it a rougher look. I used a bottle cap to make a pool in the corner. I might add a fountain later to make it's purpose more obvious. The next picture also shows an alternate configuration with a door connecting the two rooms.

chamber tile
The Second Room, This Time With a Connecting Door

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