Terrain Little Soldiers


Kurita Infantry by FASA take cover in the fortifications.

I had just purchased a blister pack of 8mm Kurita Infantry and thought they needed some protection. I had the idea of fortifications a while back but now that I had the soldiers, I had something to use for comparison.

The designs I used were pretty simple. Since an infantry platoon is mounted on a 1" hex base, I had to build my structures around that. I decided to have one platoon per section, which would make the sections roughly 2 inches square. The first ones were basically square bunkers with the top and rear left open. One has a pill box on one side that will mount a heavy weapon.

I used Styrofoam from packing corners out of a box as the material for my walls. I first cut out straight and corner sections about 8mm high and the same width. After figuring out how I wanted it laid-out, I beveled the outer corners to make it look like piled up rock and dirt (or battle-scarred concrete for that matter). I then glued the sections on to a piece of 5mm thick cardboard.

It needed some texture, so I covered the outer walls with white glue and dirt. I left the inner walls uncovered to look like stonework. Then I spray-painted the whole thing black and sprinkled dirt on top of that as well (mainly the cardboard though).

This being as far as I've gotten, I think I'll do some dry brushing with grays to make it look like stone/concrete and greens for grassy/mossy spots.

An air defense platoon in position (Miniatures by GHQ).

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