Terrain Little Soldiers

Command Post

The other day my wife found these Renuzit™ things at Wal Mart. They're a low cost alternative to the Glade Plugins™ . At $2.79 a pop, they're not something you go to buy for the terrain, but when she opened them up... voila! An instant building.

So I cut out the flat area, leaving only the "building" shape and spray painted it black... looks promising.

This picture should give you an idea of scale. The figure is a 1/72 plastic Vietnam SpecFor (ERTL maybe). At this scale, the building looks a little small. Maybe a partially buried bunker with a connected gun turret...

The building looks a little better at 1/285 (6mm) scale (lucky me!). Now the building could represent a large hanger or a command post. Whee...

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