After Action Reports Little Soldiers

Retreat from Riverbase 1

This was solo game in which I wanted to try out my Technoid VTOLs by using them to attack a convoy.

The Story:

Delbac Supply BaseCaptain Benneg's Charlie Company was at Riverbase 1 for resupply when he received word that Alpha Company from his same 1st Battalion 103rd Infantry had been hit hard to the west and withdrawn. So the Technoids now threatened his position and the supply base. Regiment HQ ordered him to escort the 212th Forward Supply Battalion as they packed every thing up and abandoned the base. They would need to cross the river less than two Kilometers to the west and then head south on their way toward the 1st Battalion's position.

The Technoid advance was heading from the west and could cut off their retreat if they didn't move quickly.

The first convoy had been sent off, the second was about ready to leave. The Scout Platoon and HQ section would be escorting this time and it looked like they would get away before the Technoids had arrived. But unknown to Captain Benneg, a Technoid advance scout company had reached the river.

The Units:

Technoid Scout Company

1st Btn, 103rd Inf, C Co

212th FSB Alpha Company

Special Rules:

None, except I was using the optional rules for hidden markers/movement.

The Setup:

Game Board

I was playing on a ~2.5x2.5 foot card table. In the picture you can see the river running from the north-west to the south-east. The supply base is in the north-eastern corner and is protected by two fortifications. The convoy will be traveling due west through the forest and then turn south to cross the bridge.

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