After Action Reports Little Soldiers

Retreat from Riverbase 1

Part One

The convoy had been loaded and was ready to leave. The Luchen Armored Cars were running their engines and waiting the signal to move out.

Captain Benneg gave the word and they began forming the convoy. The scout platoon was to provide cover and the HQ platoon would bring up the rear. The Tuppenden from the HQ platoon went over to collect the infantry.

On the other side of the river the hidden Technoid units moved closer to the river.

As the convoy started out along the road, a hidden marker was revealed: Hunter-Killer VTOLs! They were at the south side of the bridge and heading along the convoys path. It was the Technoids move and the VTOLs attacked, thinking it was like shooting fish in the barrel, only to be met by a hail of autocannon fire (from the escorts taking opportunity fire). The lead VTOL crashed and burned in the woods and and the Command VTOL was damaged.

Maybe it was a bad move... but when the two remaining VTOLs released two Guided Missiles each, things started to look better for the flight. Two of the escorting Luchens were killed and the unit's morale began to falter.

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