Lagardan Campaign Little Soldiers

AAR: Opening Hostilities

(September 17, 2002)

Turn 1

(Technoid side has initiative)

Combat Node Alpha started the Technoid's advance by moving down the center of the battle area, through the valley that opened southeast, leading directly down to the river. Some movement was detected in the forest on the east side of the valley.

On the west flank, Combat Node Beta scouted out a possible ambush site, revealing it to be empty. Above them, the scout VTOLs fly just above the tree line to check out the other side of the forest. They come under autocannon fire from Second Platoon's personnel carriers hiding on the edge of the forest facing the valley. One VTOL is damaged as they jink back and forth, trying to fly out of the range of the APCs. But the personnel carriers suddenly stop firing, move out of their positions and retreat toward the river.

Obviously the APC's had spotted the Technoid Command Node following Combat Node Alpha into the valley and had decided they were about to be overrun.

Turn 2

(Technoid side has initiative)

The Scout VTOLs fly out of the valley and try to scout out the east flank from a more protected position and spot the DPA's command platoon hiding in a row of trees in the middle of the valley.

The DPA command wastes no time engaging the Technoid advance. The GMS teams fire at Combat Node Alpha and destroy one Light Walker. Return fire from the Alpha fries one of the command APC's electronics.

Second Platoon's APC's retreat directly into the Technoids advance along the west flank. They fire wildly into the Beta and Gamma Nodes, but with no effect.

In the valley, the Technoid Command Node begins firing their plasma cannons at the APCs hiding in the woods, but the trees absorb all the shots, leaving the DPA Command Platoon relatively unscathed for now.

The Technoid Artillery node follows the advance on the west flank, ready to blast a path through the minefield.

Further back in the valley, the infantry from Second Platoon show up in a stand of trees in the center of the valley.

Turn 3

(DPA has initiative)

Combat Node Beta rushes ahead toward the river, leaving the Scout VTOLs to call down artillery on Second Platoon. Unfortunately the artillery strike takes longer than expected, and Second Platoon damages two Light Walkers from Beta.

When the artillery strike finally hits Second Platoon they loose the lead and third track. Second track takes over and the platoon's confidence remains high.

First platoon shows up from it's ambush position and fires at Combat Node Gamma, damaging two walkers.

The Technoid Command Node advances, continuing to fire on the DPA Command Platoon, but with no effect. Combat Node Alpha follows and their shots damage the second command track. Return fire from the GMS teams is off target.

The Lokvits from the DPA armor platoon show up on the river-end of the valley and begin firing down toward the Technoid center of advance. The first shot goes wide and the second is deflected by the lead command walker's armor. But the second walker takes a direct hit and dies in a fiery explosion. The Command Node is shaken by the sudden ferocity.

The infantry squads from first platoon are finally discovered hiding in position near the eastern bend of the river. They begin moving toward the center of the valley.

Turn 4

(DPA has initiative)

The Lokvits continue to fire and the Command and Alpha nodes, but don't cause any damage this turn. The Command Node takes the opportunity to retreat behind the cover of the woods on their west flank.

The Scout VTOLs move up the valley and call in an artillery strike on the Lokvits.

Alpha node and the GMS teams exchange fire, again without effect.

The Artillery node fires a closed sheaf pattern bombardment on the armor platoon, immobilizing one Lokvit and destroying the command tank. Despite the sudden turn of events, the tank crews shout war cries and continue to hold their position.

The APC's from second platoon round the edge of the woods and run head long into the Artillery Node. Quickly they pour autocannon fire into the motionless battery and destroy one walker.

Up ahead Beta Node engages the APC's from first platoon and damages one. They close to 400m and first platoon returns fire... with no effect whatsoever, until the damage APC pulls an astonishing shot and destroys the Beta's lead walker.

Gamma Node enters the fray and damages first platoon's fourth track.

First platoon's infantry squads continue to move toward the valley.

Turn 5

(DPA Initiative)

As Alpha Node gets ready to pass the DPA Command Platoon's position, the Scout VTOLs call in an artillery strike on the whole woods line. The barrage kills one GMS team.

The remaining infantry squads in the valley start pulling back toward the river.

After Game Notes

I ran out of time to finish this playtest. From the game board it still seemed to early to determine which side had the advantage. Both sides were taking a beating, but the Technoids still had the mine field to cross!

Looking at the victory points, the Technoids had a marginal victory (1:1.58).

So far the scenario seems balanced, but I'll have to finish it to find out how the end game would go.

Additional Information

Random Events:
DPA - on a roll of 2 or 3
Tn - on a roll of 3 or 4

DPA Defenses:
6 Mines
2 Jumping Mines
4 Dummy Counters

River Fords:
3 passable (Victory Counter #1)
3 dummy






Command Node




Scout VTOLs




Attack Node Alpha




Attack Node Beta




Attack Node Gamma




Artillery Node





Command Platoon




First Platoon (APCs)




First Platoon (Infantry)




Second Platoon (APCs)




Second Platoon (Infantry)




Armor Platoon




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