Scenarios Little Soldiers


A Dirtside II Campain in Progress


The ground glowed red from the dew reflecting the rays of Lagarden's Red Giant.

"An ominous omen," reflected Unit 0711202, irresponsibly using her visual sensors for idle observations. She felt that she had finally reached an age where she could indulge in such mental pastimes -- she was nearly 145 cycles old, and almost ready for promotion to a Homeworld Guard unit.

She felt a buzzing sensation start up -- 37 degrees left of her current heading -- and indication that her radar sensor had detected an active ECM generator. It was a threat she couldn't ignore.

Rotating her turret quickly, she let her main targeting sensor do a quick laze in the ultraviolet range.

~!METAL COMPOSITE:RNG 3921.65m:AVR 143!~

As she absorbs the data, a spicy sensation from the Threat Warning System indicates a visual pattern match tagging the bogie as an enemy vehicle. With a brief thought she directed the TWS to actively filter through all the sensor inputs for any additional threats and then directed her attention toward the immediate threat.

~!SELM:0711202:RELM:300990:XMSN:Enemy Unit Detected. Moving to Engage. Request Artillery Support At Grid 0344-0990:ECRC:iD8DBQE9fQOJHOfJO!~


On the planet Lagardan, the two human colonies, the Delbac Province and the Cauran States, have co-existed peacefully with the Uissuirtoifr colony that was on the other side of the main continent. Then 8 standard months ago a Uissuirtoifr Invasion Force landed on the planet and took over the affairs of the colony, to the detriment of everyone involved.

The best DPA Intelligence Agents have come up with to explain the sudden hostilities is that a nearby colony has been unable to extract oil in sufficient quantities to continue growing and the Administrator has begun searching nearby systems for additional resources. Since man of the major, easily accessible, oil fields on Lagardan are controlled by the Human colonists, the Uissuirtoifr Administrator must feel that they stand in the way of future Uissuirtoifr expansion.

Forces Involved



A Topographic Map of Lagardan

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