Lagardan Campaign Little Soldiers

Scenario 1: Opening Hostilities


Hostilities begin escalating with a Uissuirtoifr raid along the nominal border between the Delbac Province and the Uissuirtoifr Colony. The raider's appear to be headed for an active oil well that sits 15 kilometers behind the border.


The terrain is heavily forested with slight hills. Along the defender's edge of the board, a river blocks a direct route from the border to the oil field, but there are a number of places where it can be forded easily.


Special Rules

Victory conditions

(Note that "mission killed" means that the element has not been destroyed and that no System Down, Mobility, or Damaged chit applies to that element)




This is an attack-defense scenario and so the Technoid points are around 2x the DPA amount to fit with the standard assumption that the attacker needs between 2x and 3x the strength of the defender to have a chance at victory. Obviously this may need to be adjusted on account of terrain and defensive obstacles.

The way the victory points are awarded, the Technoids can fight a battle of attrition, trading unit for unit, and still win as long as they escape with over half their force still intact. But after that, the DPA gain more points for each element that is mission killed than the Technoids do. According to my spreadsheet, once the Technoids are down to 7 (possibly 8) elements, they have lost the scenario (even if they destroy every single DPA element on the table!).

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