Miniatures Little Soldiers


Hellhound tanks painted in paraded colors (miniatures by Games Workshop)

Valentine XI by In Service Miniatures.

I painted these by priming them black (with cheap Wal-Mart spray-paint) and then painting them a chocolate brown (looks like dark red brown) and then dry-brushing with light tan and using black and light field gray to paint the details. The ends of the barrels are painted red.

Valentine Anti-Tank conversion.

I used the turret from a GHQ LAV-AT to create a sci-fi Scout/Missile tank. This miniature is only primed black.


These were painted a deep blue (almost a ultra-marine blue) and then dry-brushed with light field gray to pick out the details. I painted the tires and exhaust pipe black and have left them that way. That white spot is where I am planning on painting a unit insignia or something.

You may notice that the turret on the LAV on the right looks funny. It came from the Valentine tanks when I swapped turrets. It looked okay, besides these are used in a sci-fi campaign!



This is one I got off eBay. It was already painted the mottled green and I only painted the wheels black. I use it as a scout car in my campaigns.

Kurita Infantry (8mm) by FASA/Ral Partha

These don't really match the scale of my other miniatures, but they do look pretty good on the table - their large size allows more detail maybe. If the picture wasn't so dark, you could see their tan armor and olive fatigues. The guns are gunmetal. I've based them on plasticard (from a milk jug).

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