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Maybe it's for fun, maybe to save money... but sometimes when you're building terrain you get inspired to build some miniatures too. These were inspired when I was throwing out some 80's vintage computer boards and saw the memory chips... spider tanks? They've evolved into the "Technoids" a silicon based race that may or may not have an existence outside their tanks.

These are the smaller chips (about 2 cm long). The one on the left has a MLRS (Med Arty) turret made from a jumper and based on piece of card. The one on the right is the Light Walker that serves as the back bone of the Technoid army. Its turret is made from two pieces of cardboard punched out by a hole-puncher with a bit of wire stuck in a notch I cut out.

You can see the DS2 stats in the Technoid Orbat

Some of the chips I pulled out were bigger than the others and so I turned them into heavier tanks. I used the same method of two pieces of thin cardboard glued together to make the turret. After the turret had dried I trimmed the sides and then drilled two holes in the front with a pin vice (a very small hand drill) and stuck two short bits of wire in as the laser barrels.

The following pictures will give you an idea of the scale of the Technoids' vehicles.

Here's another "show the scale" picture with a 1/300 valentine. The Medium Assault Walker looks like it would be a size 4 vehicle in Dirtside 2.

The 8mm infantry still look a little too big.

I've classified both of these as size 2 vehicles.

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