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I decided I wanted more than just tanks for my Technoid army. So, getting inspiration (distant inspiration more like it) from the hunter-killer VTOLs in Terminator 2, I came up with a boxy wing design. The "wings" are supposed to actually hold the thruster jets that keep the vehicle aloft. The tail section was added because it was hard to tell the front from the back. It looks more like a flying vehicle this way too.

Oh, you want to know what they're made of? Well... The body is a memory chip like all the rest. The wings are jumpers of a PC card. They're meant to fit over a pair of pins and so when I bent two "legs" to a horizontal position they slipped right on. It was a good fit but I used a little glue to make sure they wouldn't come off with handling. The tail is made of a bit of heavy paper. I had to score the chip with a sharp nail so the PVA glue would stick. Right now they have only a black base coat.

I found out that the silicone or plastic used to make the chips is VERY hard. I was unable to drill any sort of hole into them (well, not without more effort than I wanted to take). So I decided to use straws as the flight pole. It doesn't look that great now, but I'm hoping that when I paint them, the black stand won't be as obvious and will give the illusion of a flight stand.

The VTOLs in action!

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