Miniatures Little Soldiers

Scratch-Built Miniatures Completed

It took me a long time to finally finish these minis by painting them. There wasn't much detail to paint, but I knew they could be better than just plain black. First I though of dry-brushing silver... but there wasn't enough detail that I wanted to show. Camo... Aha! There was an idea. Camouflage is supposed to break-up and obscure shapes... maybe making my Technoids look less like computer chips and more like tanks!

As you can see, I painted them with a three-tone desert style pattern. I've grouped the tanks into platoons of four tanks each and I tried to paint each platoon with a slightly different pattern, while still keeping a unified look.

I have enough minis now to make 4 platoons of 4 Light Walkers (HEL), 1 platoon of 4 AT Walkers (GMS), 1 platoon of 3 Heavy Walkers (dual HELs), and 1 Flight (?) of VTOLs. So I figure that this probably gives me a Reinforced Company or a weak Battalion.

This is a close-up on a light walker. This one was painted with a dot pattern. You can sort of see where I dry-brushed the gun in the turret with Metallic Aluminum.

Here are the other two patterns I painted. The top is an attempt at stripes running the length of the tank. The bottom is just regular random fields of color.

This is a close up of an Artillery Walker. The round turret was replaced with a boxy MLRS launcher.

This is a Heavy Walker with a random-fields-of-color pattern (there's probably a more technical name for it, but I wouldn't know).

Here's a close up of the VTOL. You can't really see the gray bottom, except for a few patches around the "wings."

[Ed: Image Missing]

Here's the VTOL on an improved wire stand (I got rid of the straw stands). You can sort of see the light underside. Oh well, I haven't been inspired yet on how to finish these up.

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